About ISEA

Isea has been travelling the globe her whole life in search of connection between things we can see and things we cannot see. Her path has taken her to learn about the importance of light as nourishment for life on earth. She has hosted workshops, retreats, training and concerts.

Through this path of working with light with people, she experienced a deep connection to nature and animals that all need the same light to thrive. It is through communicating with the animals through light that Isea learned of the amazing importance of whales and dolphins and she encountered and communicated with them several times all over the world.

In 2014 she visited the Artic and had an amazing encounter with more than a hundred beluga’s, a polar bear and almost 200 whales…. At their request she dedicated her life to bringing heart awareness globally and urging humanity to take the lead in the constant evolution of the planet.

Her voice has a deep tone and warmth to it that instantly allows you to relax and fully emerge yourself into sound.

It is activation through sound that Isea found the most effective. She now uses the techniques the whales taught her in the music she makes.

The Dream

Nature is our greatest ally in this world. We cannot live without nature but nature doesn’t need us. In fact, it would do much better without us. We have created a planet where animals have become a commodity and plants something we genetically modify and change the way it best suits ourselves. We are not aware of the balance of life that connects us all. And we don’t notice what happens to our core needs if this balance is disturbed. It isn’t money or status that creates succes. It is the connection between all life that fulfils the needs we all feel and fill with temporary sensations.
We are not alone on this planet, and with every change we make, we change the balance of nature and without knowing it, we change our natural habitat and the very core of our existence.
This is a very real connection. A connection wherein every live matters and all live is connected. Through the music Isea wants to help you remember who you are and just how connected we are to all life around us.
Please help us spread that message because…
When we’re all connected… the dawn of a new era begins…

Be connected

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